1984 Gibson Explorer 3


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1984 Gibson Explorer 3

Always a fan of the Gibson Explorer and this is such a cool axe, not only for the fact that its finished in its original hard to find white nitro finish that has aged to a lovely cream but for the fact that it weighs in at just a hair over 8 lbs which is not easy for a any 1980’s Gibson guitar. I think the case actually weighs more than the guitar. As you can see its in unmolested original unbroken condition complete with its trio of P90 pickups and unique switching system allowing you to get various pickup combinations. A lot of these get converted to humbucker guitars so its nice to find this one all stock. Its also an incredible player with a low action on good frets. The finish has a fabulous aged patina that is hard to photograph but it has crazed and aged to perfection with just the usual age related bumps and scrapes for moderately used 37 year old guitar. Break out the spandex and lets “Rawk”

Comes with its original case

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