1960’s Burns Sonic Amplifier Head


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1960’s Burns Sonic Solid State Amplifier Head

Rare solid state 2 channel Burns sonic head with tremolo. Probably rated at 50 watts

Very cool period Jetsons design!

the Sonic series was cheaper line without the curved-corner cabs, fancy knobs, or deluxe touches (like “hand-stiched (sic) English leather handle”). “Sonic” was Burns code for budget; this lower-end line included the Sonic 20, 30, and 50 models with those name specs represent their output ratings. These amps mounted single 10″, 12″, or double 12″ speakers. Oddly, these were described as having the “American sound,” assumedly a reference to more Fender-like treble response compared to the typically warm Vox output. “Building Burns standard gear at a lower price was not so easy,” the company noted. “But we overcame this by using a simple functional case design without ornate trimmings.” The Sonics came in plain rectangular boxes with top-mounted controls and minimal styling.

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