1952 Harmony Stratotone H44 Montgomery Wards


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1952 Harmony Stratotone H44

Debut year 1952 Harmony Stratotone the guitarist secret weapon! Keep one of these in reserve for when everything goes south and watch all the jaws drop as it blows everything out the water with its huge tone. Harmony made instruments under the banner for various US commercial outlets and brands this one being for Montgomery Wards. This guitar has been pro set up with the tailpiece set and screwed to the body  so it does not suffer from any of the clunkiness that these models can suffer. Unbelievably the guitar has a 25 1/4 inch scale length and the action is 3mm bass and 2mm treble at the 12th. The nut width is 44mm and the frets are recent and perfectly dressed. Its a neck through design made from poplar with a beautiful aged original gold finish over grey undercoat. The electrics work as the should with a switch to disable the tone circuit ala Esquire and of course the herculean “hershey bar” pickup delivers the goods. The neck is a big full C that gradually thickens as you move up the scale. The guitars original 3 on a plate tuners survive and work well and it comes with its original lemon card case. The H44 is probably the most collectible Harmony model being many an artists first instrument and of course its undeniable usability.

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