Circa 1960 Burns Vibra Artist


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Circa 1960 Burns Vibra Artist

Probably the cleanest and best preserved one of these we have certainly had through the shop making it perfect for any collection of early British beat guitars. These along with the Burns Sonic are seen in countless pictures from the period and from a time before anyone could get their hands on the American guitars that would eventually take over. Its extremely playable with a double octave 24 ich scale length neck with a 42mm nut. Fitted from factory with 3 Burns Tri Sonic pickups which are strong in output and all the associated electronics work well. The finish is still very sharp and vibrant for 63 years old, with just the usual age related bumps and scrapes with natural fine lacquer checking. All the plastic is original and crack free. The early Burns vibrato works well and the bridge cover is still present. There is a decal to the back of the headstock and rim of the case bearing the name of the store from which the guitar was originally purchased from.

Comes in its original blue lined case also in very good condition that has been partitioned which if removed would house a Stratocaster or Telecaster


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