1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe


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1969 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

As we all know Gibson reintroduced the Les Paul Standard in mid 1968 in 1950’s livery with the very first few months of production being very close replications of the late 1950’s tunomatic guitars. However it quickly evolved as the company bowing to pressure to produce a humbucking guitar and looking for easier and more cost effective ways to mass produce a guitar to meet the huge demand of the late 1960’s rock era. With a stock pile of mini humbuckers from their Epiphone marque the Les Paul Deluxe was born. To negate the need for 2 headstock sizes for the standard and custom, the larger profile prevailed enabling use for both guitars. The body also quickly changed to the “pancake” style enabling a more cost effective use of timber. This example with mid 1969 pot dates (29th week of 1969) is the rare large headstock but transitional one piece body example, and as you can see is in fine all original condition with no breaks or repairs. It weighs in at 10.7 llbs which is typical and average for the era which also equates to thick creamy “Glam” tone. These guitars are all over the rock soundscape at its very pinnacle, so if your looking for something to “Get it on” with….you just found it!

Comes with its original purple lined Gibson case with changed handle

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