1969 Gibson ES 335 TD Wine Red


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1969 Gibson ES 335 TD Wine Red

Here we have a 1969 ish Gibson ES 335 that looks to have been completed in the mid 1970’s. Its stamped “SECOND” above the 60’s serial # which indicates it may have had an issue that kept it from being released from the factory at the time, and then finished at a later date probably by an employee of the factory. The guitar has the narrow  40mm nut width of the 1960s, and 1970s Kalamazoo label in the F hole along with a 70’s translucent wine red paint job and the of the period coil tap switch.  It also has been stop tailed either at the time or at a later date. Its a cool block marker guitar and shows no clue why it would have been designated a “second” playing well and sounding as it should. It comes in a 1970s ABS case.

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