1967 Rickenbacker 950 Fireglo


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1967 Rickenbacker 950 Fireglo

Here we have a superb example of the not often seen Rickenbacker 950, its the last year of the “Tulip” body shape before it changes to the more common “Cresting Wave” shape. Of course aimed at the student with its 21″ scale length and 41mm nut but its loaded with vintage Rickenbacker tone in the shape of 2 toaster pickups. Playing this its easy to see how Lennon came up with some of his banjolele style riffs in the early 60’s with his short scale 325. Its in very good condition with just normal finish wear from use over the years. It sounds typical 1960’s Rickenbacker and would be a useful tool in the studio when that classic sound is needed without breaking the bank. It weighs in at 6 lbs 4 oz and is very comfortable to play….a perfect sofa guitar. Comes in a fitted period correct violin type case

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