1967 Baldwin / Burns Marvin


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1967 Baldwin / Burns Marvin

Wow in time capsule condition is this 1967 Baldwin Burns Marvin. Burns always used polyurethane paint right from the early 1960’s which is much more robust than its nitrocellulose equivalent, however it is prone to cracking which is unavoidable and also discolouring from UV exposure which is not the case with this example . Designed by Jim Burns in 1963 who worked closely with Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch of The Shadows to develop a guitar to equal the USA’s Fender Stratocaster that they were famously associated with. The band used the guitars from its introduction in 1964 through to 1970. Jim Burns sold his company to Baldwin in September 1965 but stayed with the company for a further 12 months, at first the guitars had “Baldwin” engraved alongside ‘Burns” on their pick guards and later just “Baldwin” as we have here. Apart from the logo no other changes were made to the original 1964 design. Of course the guitar is clearly Stratocaster inspired in both looks and sound and does an admirable job with both, after all if its good enough for Hank Marvin…

Comes in its original; Baldwin case


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