1986 Fender 1957 AVRI Reissue Stratocaster


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1986 Fender 1957 AVRI Reissue Stratocaster

If you like your guitars aged the natural way then you will love this authentic looking 1957 Fender Stratocaster reissue. Made just outside the 1982 – 84 Fullerton reissue series would make this an early Corona constructed guitar. It weighs in at 7 lbs 4 oz or 3.38 kg which is classic pre CBS Strat weight, and all 3 pickups hover just above the 6K ohms mark making for a strong balanced set. The guitar has a 5 way switch which has probably replaced the original 3 way for easy access to the in-between pickup selections. As you can see the finish looks vintage killer and very authentic for its 36 years, used but not abused. The 2 tone sunburst has the usual knocks and bumps with a spot of buckle rash to the back and the neck has that authentic wear pattern thats only achieved by time served and priceless. The original frets do show some wear but the guitar plays well with no issues. If you like your guitars to look like the real deal in a natural way then look no further, it would fool many. Comes with its original tweed case.

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