1962 Gretsch 6122 ” Dial Up” Country Gentleman


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1962 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman


We are pleased to be able to offer for a sale a fine example of the illusive 1962 Gretsch 6122 “Dial Up” Country Gentleman as used by George Harrison during 1962-63 period. Its the same spec guitar that was used at the 1963 Royal Variety performance before equally famously falling from the roof of the tour car on a trip north shortly after. Our guitar features the most amazing flamed maple in its construction which reveals itself when viewed from different angles.  The guitar just oozes class and weighs in at an incredible 8 llbs 1 oz despite its 17 inch wide thin line dimensions. The guitar is also in very good condition with just some play wear to the back of the neck, and i believe its still on its original frets which are also in superb condition, or its had an undetectable pro re fret. The neck angle is spot on and it plays incredibly well with a low action with no dead spots on its smooth ebony board. There are 2 filled small holes in the fretboard tongue for some unknown reason. Notice there is no neck heel dowel which is unusual for the period, but we also have documented a guitar 4 digits away from this one with the same detail. As you can see there are no issues to the binding and all the plastic hardware is in good shape which just some minor checking as you would expect. It has had other tuners on it at some point in the past, but it has a set of period correct Grover imperials back on with no extra holes or peg hole enlargement. Interestingly it has a Gold Patent # V Bigsby with the positive screw head handle bolt which is gone by mid 1961 replaced by the rivet type. The guitar has had some of its wiring replaced with Gibson braid type, Gretsch wire is prone to deteriorate through the years as the plastics decay causing short circuits. Its not uncommon to have some wiring work done, and can generally be seen as an improvement not only in reliability but in sonic performance also. All the controls work well including 2 useable tone selections (mud switch) The master volume pot is a later replacement. Both dial up mutes also work well and there are 2 new pieces of foam fitted if you wish to use them. One of the strap locks is a recent replacement but originals of these turn up occasionally. Enjoy the pictures which tell the story and please just ask if you need more detail.  The guitar comes in its original case which is also in good shape with a replaced handle.

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