1966 Gibson ES 330 TD


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1966 Gibson ES 330 TD

Fabulous 1966 Gibson ES 330 in its original mid 1960’s tea burst finish, my favourite Gibson sunburst finish that really captures the spirit of the mid 1960’s launch into a world of colour. The guitar is in good all original condition with just the addition of a removable sound post situated just inside the top F hole connecting the front to the back of the guitar to help with feedback issues. Nibs are still on the frets which are in good shape and the guitar plays nicely up and down the neck. Nut width is 40mm 1965 is the transitional year from Nickel to chrome hardware and the necks thin down from 42.5mm down to 38mm by mid 1966. This one must be a late 65/66 guitar as its in the middle. Bit of buckle rash tells you its been used as it should be and the neck has some wear to the finish that is more visual then felt. The P90’s are strong in output and more importantly nicely balanced Neck 8.35 k Bridge 8.25k ohms something that also changes as the 60’s progress. The original patent bridge has nylon saddles which are nice and crisp and cut well. All the plastic including the switch tip is original along with the white button double line Kluson tuners. With a mirror i can see untouched solder and the original Sprague capacitors are present. The guitar weighs 6 lbs

Comes with a 1970’s  hard Gibson case.

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