1966 Fender Stratocaster Sonic Blue


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1966 Fender Stratocaster Sonic Blue

1966 Fender Stratocaster featuring an incredibly convincing sonic blue body refinish. These early CBS large headstock Strats are among the best Fender produced in my opinion, or more like within the range of 1964 through to 67. They are just different to the earlier guitars but not yet something missing that comes with the later guitars. The grey bobbin wound pickups still have one foot in the pre CBS camp but add some extra drive perfect for the the rock tone of the period. The necks are still nitro finished and maybe the mass of the larger headstock adds something. This one weighs in at 7 lbs 2 oz and features one of the best re finishes out there, the body contours are retained and the finish work is also very convincing under the guard with all the tan lines and thickness of paint you would expect to find. The clear coat is lightly aged to give some greening but not over done to obscure the sonic blue paint. All the original parts and electronics are present with the pickups on their original winds and giving a resistance reading of neck: 6.26 k ohms Middle: 6.15 k ohms and Bridge: 6.22 K ohms. Its a very good sounding guitar with strong in between settings on the 3 way switch. Pots are dated 42nd week of 1965. The fretwork is very good with minimal grooving to the rosewood fretboard and as a result the guitar plays faultlessly. Truss rod is not over wound and works as it should as do the double line Kluson tuners. All in all a fabulous players grade Fender guitar that does not disappoint in any department, comes with its original tremolo arm and an after market Fender style black tolex case


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