1964 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red


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1964 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red

Fabulous looking Fiesta Red Stratocaster that many moons ago had its top coat of Dakota Red removed to reveal the original Fiesta Red under. If this was a Factory Dakota over Fiesta well our owner just lost £20k! Looking at the neck pocket i believe this was overs prayed to tidy it up years ago. Whats left is a 100% 1964 Fender guitar with a rubbed original finish. It weighs in at 7 lbs 8 oz, classic pre CBS Strat weight and the untouched black bobbin pickups give a resistance reading of: Neck 6.1 k ohms Middle 5.7 k ohms and Bridge 6.0 k ohms. All the original plastics are present including the often missing tremolo back plate but there is the obligatory crack at the bass side of the neck pickup height adjustment screw. However there isn’t excessive shrinkage and the neck pickup remains adjustable and sits reasonably straight in its cutout. The neck has that classic full 63/64 full neck profile and the finish has worn down to that golden velvety feel that we all love. It looks to be re fretted up to the 9th fret and original thereafter, there is no excessive fingerboard wear, and the rosewood cap is full thickness, the original nut is present along with the spaghetti logo, string tree and single line Kluson tuners with no history of any others been fitted. The original Fiesta body finish is over a desert sand undercoat and yellow aniline stain and with the removal of the Dakota top coat has left a fabulous unique wear patten. The pots date to the 3rd week of 1964, the neck March 64 and the guitar is full pre CBS spec of Spaghetti logo, clay dots, green guard and this one has a white 1963 era Fender tolex case. Also present is the original tremolo arm, bridge cover and all 5 tremolo springs.

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