1965 Fender Musicmaster 24 inch Scale


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1965 Fender Musicmaster 24 inch Scale

Here we have a super cool 1965 Fender Musicmaster in the hard to find 24 inch Scale length configuration making for a highly useable guitar. Sharing the same scale with Fender’s Jaguar and Mustang but without all the complicated switching options and dodgy tremolo’s. I guess it can really be thought of as a mini one pickup Stratocaster. It has a full neck profile which fills the hand giving the instrument a substantial grownup feel. As you can see from the pictures its in good lightly used condition with handling wear to mainly the Olympic White body finish edges, the back of the neck is nicely preserved and smooth with the frets virtually unmarked on a slab rosewood board. It weighs in at 6 lbs 4 oz with no changes under the hood, pots date to 18th week of 1965 and of course that pickup is a flush pole Strat pickup, so all the bell tone you can handle. The case is interesting and surely has been with the guitar from new.

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