1964 Fender Jazz Bass Sonic Blue


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1964 Fender Jazz Bass Sonic Blue

Here we have what would have been an incredibly rare example of a pre CBS custom colour Fender Jazz Bass. Although its been refinished we can see that the guitar did indeed leave the Fender factory in 1964 in sonic blue. It got its refresh in 1976 probably as a tidy up for resale. The refinish paint is very thin and most likely done in nitro with no artificial ageing. The back of neck feels like the original finish although there are some signs of touch up, plus extra fret markers have been added below the original clay dots with marker pen to a tiny indent to help visually finding your position, those clay dots are hard to see!  The headstock has been refinished with a replacement decal. The rest of the guitar is completely original bar a few screws and it has the green nitrate guard that signals custom colour on this model with a tiny crack halfway through the screw hole at the bottom point . It weighs 8 lbs 9 oz and has 2 healthy original wind pickups that give a resistance reading of 7.95 k at the neck and 7.85 k ohms at the bridge with the pots dating to the 22nd week of 1964. The guitar also has its bridge and pickup covers plus its finger rest which so often go missing which is nice. It plays nicely on its original frets which do show wear ,and for some may need replacing, however the fingerboard is in superb condition and we will leave that for the next owner to decide. Its also worth noting that the truss rod is fully functioning and the nut is not over wound as is often the case with the Jazz bass. The guitar comes in a 1970s non Fender hard case.

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