2004 Fender Custom Shop 1964 Jazz Bass Relic Ex Jonathan Noyce / Jethro Tull / Gary Moore / Gentle Giant / Iggy Pop


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2004 Fender Custom Shop 1964 Jazz Bass Relic Ex Jonathan Noyce

Well how cool is this!? If you ever fancied being a Giant for a day well here’s your chance. Not only is this one of the most convincing custom shop relic jobs we have seen, in fact its very resemblant of the olympic white 1961 Jazz we just sold, its also got a weighty artist used history trail for all you player / collectors. Royal Acadamy Of Music Graduate Jonathan Noyce has written and played with some of rocks very best household names, most notably a member of Jethro Tull for 12 years along with collaborations with Iggy Pop and the late great Gary Moore.  Also impressively for me a member of the Gentle Giant off shoot Three Friends. I tell ya, you got to know your polymeters and your syncopated counterpoints to play with those boys! This bass has been used on:

Gary Moore, Old New Ballads Blues
Jethro Tull, Aqualung Live
Archive Controlling Crowds Pt IV
Leanne Harte, Leanne Harte
Iggy Pop, Gold
Celeste, Hear My Voice
The instrument itself is in good condition and as you can see in the pictures one of Fenders custom shop accurate relics. It comes with its original case and tags plus CD’s of albums the bass was used on.

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