1964 Fender Precision Bass Olympic White Ex John McCoy (Gillan)


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1964 Fender Precision Bass Olympic White Ex John McCoy (Gillan)

How cool is this! And check out the sound as delivered by the very John McCoy in the video. It has that deep pre CBS Fender punchy woody Precision bass thump tone that we all know and love. As you can see its had a few modifications from original but all of them positive, and the extra Jazz bass pickup really adds to the tonal possibilities and sounds out of phase in the middle position. The output jack socket has been relocated to the bottom bout and the original socket position now holds the 3 way switch to select the pickups. The neck has the classic pre CBS fat C shape and whilst the frets show a little wear it plays well up and down the neck. The body looks to be over sprayed in white nitro over the original Olympic White finish which has crazed and aged nicely with a little flaking in arm contour. Steel scratch plate fitted for blinding the punters! And looks killer with the bridge and pickup covers fitted. Altogether a nice collectible useable Fender bass with some cool provenance.

Comes in a modern ABS case

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