1963 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red

1963 Fender Stratocaster Fiesta Red


Anything pre CBS Fender is hot right now and prices are ever escalating especially in the US along with equally spiralling new Fender CS & Master Built guitars. So good player grade 60’s Strats are a good choice in terms getting that sound at budget thats not over eye watering and continuing to appreciate. This guitar was sold by ourselves some 7 years ago and is in the same condition as sold plus a pro re fret making it a great player. The body is a decent Fiesta Red re paint over the original factory Fiesta Red paint which can still be seen in the cavities and black lights correctly. The neck is blown over in clear, but not too thick and you can still just feel the raised print of the original decal. It weighs in at 7 lbs 5 oz  and still retains all its original electronics along with 3 original wind pre CBS black bottom pickups which read Bridge 7.5 K Middle  7.9K and neck 7 k ohms. There is an extra earth strap across the 3 pots which can easily be removed if its a bother which all date to the 15th week of 1963 which ties in nicely with the February neck date . The original masking tape survives on the wiring which is always a good sign. The pick guard however is a sought after Fatboy vintage correct green guard and the shielding plate is a replacement. The fret board is in superb condition with no divots or grooves and although sporting a fresh re fret the original nut survives. All the remaining hardware is original including the tuners and ever important tremolo. The knobs and switch tip are original but the tremolo tip is a replacement. All 5 tremolo springs are present with one in the case along with what looks to be the ash tray. All in all a killer sounding superb playing pre CBS Stratocaster from what many claim to be the pinnacle year of manufacture


Comes in a Fender tweed re issue case.


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