1963 Fender Stratocaster


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1963 Fender Stratocaster

I’ve hung onto this guitar for a while now, its 60 years old, just like me, but the main reason is it’s one of the nicest sounding and playing strats i’ve come across, and we’ve seen a few. Like most of us my fickle eye has landed elsewhere hence the decision to part ways, a decision liable to change i might add! It weighs in classic pre CBS weight of 7 lbs 6 oz and features a back to Sunburst finish restoration in nitro sometime in the early 80’s by Rodger Giffin. The neck looks to have had a thin coat of tint lacquer to the back only, which leaves the headstock face and logo un touched. It was white through the 1970’s. Under the original nitrate green guard (the usual shrink crack by the neck adjusting screw) everything is un tampered with and has 3 matching pots dating to 46th week of 1963 with a neck date of November 63. Original masking tape and 3 way switch survives and all the pickups are on their original winds. Neck 6.7 k ohms middle 6.7k and bridge 6.8 k ohms needless to say its a strong sounding strat. All the hardware is correct and original to the guitar although it looks like a different guard was fitted at some point by the extra screw hole under the guard. It still has its original back plate and tremolo arm. Its been re fretted in the past and had an easy life since so they are virtually unmarked making the guitar play faultlessly with a good playing action with no fretting out. The guitar presents well with some buckle rash to the back of the guitar body. Comes in a Selmer croc case.

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