1963 Fender Stratocaster

1963 Fender Stratocaster


Well we certainly have a fine selection of pre CBS Fender Stratocasters in at the moment and its nice to welcome this 1963 example to the fold that has had a body only refinish in the distant past. It looks like the red has faded out of the burst to produce a 1950’s style 2 tone effect, its an old paint job so the finish has plenty of aged related checking that looks the part. Electrically everything is present except for the middle tone pot which is a replacement. There are no routs under the guard but the cavities have been painted with screening paint which is hard and brittle and would chip out quite easily if it bothered. The neck is the sought after full 1963 C shape and feels great under the fingers with its original finish and logo. Its been re fretted in the past with a new nut. The guitar also has a superb un cracked green guard and all the correct plastic and hardware is present including the tremolo back plate that has had the string holes slightly enlarged to make re stringing easier. If you have been considering buying a pre CBS Strat this would make a great addition and its unusual for us to have so many in at the moment to compare.

Comes in its original Selmer croc case.


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