1963 Fender Duo-sonic


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1963 Fender Duo-sonic

What an amazing find, this Duosonic was obviously bought for little Johnny back in the day and after a few attempts to master the thing put away under the bed. So here we find it 60 years later and other than a few bumps to the back of the guitar ( clearly signs of frustration from the young student) its in pristine condition. With its 22.5″ scale length and aimed at the student guitarist by Leo Fender its made from the exact same materials and skill set used for rest of the Fender line of the period. The same single coil 63 Stratocaster pickups with the difference of flush poles.  I find it highly playable and its a breeze to get around the neck. Theres pictures of a certain J Hendrix playing one of these out there! The pictures tell the story, i’m not going to take it apart as its clearly as it left the factory in 63. The rexine covered case is a delight and the catches spring open with an eagerness to get going that sadly defied it student. It also retains its bridge cover, switchcraft lead and unbranded leather strap…the perfect vintage starter kit

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