1978 Fender Mustang Bass


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1978 Fender Mustang Bass

We are always happy to have a Fender Mustang Bass with us and yet another guitar that’s increasingly infrequent in showing up so grab it while you can! Nice original example save from a changed volume pot and after market string ferrules. The frets are virtually unmarked as probably strung with flats most of its life and the neck is straight with a smooth playable 30″ scale length. The pickup reads a healthy 10.5k ohms and delivers the thump that will keep up with any P bass. The original black finish has dulled over the years and displays the bumps and knocks typical for a guitar of this age and has a filled hole in the body at the neck heel from a past extra strap button. There is a useful rubber pad / finger rest added to the pick guard on the south side of the pickup which can be easily removed if required, and a handy pick holder on the reverse of the headstock. Its just been strung and set with Fender round wounds and ready for service. Comes with a gig bag

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