1958 Gretsch Double Anniversary


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1958 Gretsch Double Anniversary

Wow what a guitar this is…a first year anniversary celebration model that is still in production today! The construction of the guitar is the same basic template of the higher model 6120 with some small cosmetic differences separating the two models. 1958 gives you the heavy trestle bracing with 2 PAF filtertron pickups shared with the 6120. The differences are no neck or F hole binding and no Bigsby tailpiece. Our guitar comes with a 1960’s B6 Bigsby fitted with the original G tail piece stored in the case if required. 1958 also had the tall post space control bridge which is uncomfortable to the hand, but fear not our guitar comes with a slightly later small post bridge with the original also in the case compete with instruction card! The pickup bezels have been replaced with correct replacements as the originals cracked and deteriorated but are still with the guitar in the case. The pictures tell the story,  you won’t find a better more satisfying way to get into vintage single cut 6120 territory with out doubling the price tag.

Comes with its original case

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