1956 Gretsch 6189 (Streamliner) Bamboo / Copper Mist Ex Martin Simpson

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1956 Gretsch 6189 (Streamliner) Bamboo / Copper Mist Ex Martin Simpson

I have owned several Gretsch 1950’s streamliners over the years and have always been tempted to convert them to a double pickup guitar, but never wanted to be the one to take a chisel to an original example. Heres one thats been done for you! Saving you from the guilt. The humble Streamliner shares the same carcass as Gretsch’s  higher model 6120, so its easy to see why they get converted. This is a great example with a good neck angle, i suspect the neck has been reset in the past making it a great player with a low action and room to go lower. Not sure when the conversion was done, or what the added pickup is but it has a balanced sound and matches the neck perfectly. Added Bigsby all expertly done with maybe just the tone knob a little off correct position. Its a clean guitar and the Bamboo finish has survived well with not even any serious marks where the bridge has sat over the years. The flip side Copper Mist finish is also in remarkable condition. Get yourself a 1950’s Gretsch 6120 spec guitar for less £££ than a new Gretsch Japanese interpretation. No Brainer! Comes in a Hiscox case

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