1953 Fender Pro


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1953 Fender Pro

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Awesome 1953 tweed wide panel Fender Pro Amp. original tweed, original grill cloth serial # points to 1953 but you can see pot codes 19th week of 1952. Its had filter caps which is good news plus its been fitted with a JBL 15 inch speaker which is a common upgrade for this model. It also has an on board 240v to 110v step down transformer fitted to the bottom of the cabinet. Its in good condition for its years with a superb patina that these old tweed amps can have. Newer leather handle.

This Fender Tweed Pro Amp, Model 5C5 amplifier was built in 1953 and was the flagship of the new powerful amplifiers,  putting out around 18 watts


H 21″ W 22″ D 9″


15 inch JBL

Built by Fender, mainly for lap/pedal steel players, this is the combo adopted by the guitar players of the day that left the opposition (mainly Gibson) standing.

This amp – serial number 4258 -was imported from California to the UK by session musician Keith Nelson  in the 1970s. Keith continued to use the amp for many years. https://www.feenotes.com/database/artists/nelson-keith/

Keith had a mutual friend in Albert Lee; both guys were interested in speed picking and were to develop a style that you may be familiar with. The amp was used live and on albums by Charlie Dore, Steam Hammer, Matthew’s Southern Comfort, Leo Sayer, Olivia Newton-John, Ringo Starr, Neil Innes, Billy Joel and Des’ree, amongst others.

I used to borrow the Pro back then and played through it many times, learning that the best sounds came from using the volume control between numbers two and three. Also, Albert Lee used it when he was in town and we recorded many tracks together. I used it on a remake of ‘Jollity Farm’ with George Harrison, Legs Larry Smith & Neil Innes, plus a novelty tune called ‘Isle of Money’ (I Love Money)

Go to moondogs.co.uk if you would like to hear the amp played live;  there is a version of ‘Wind-up’ on the landing page.

The amp is very much of the plug in and go variety.

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