1953 Fender Deluxe


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1953 Fender Deluxe

Killer 1953 Deluxe, yep you know how good these are, every guitar tone you’re ever likely to need in a small package from Fender’s golden era. As you can see its seen some use with some light pitting and corrosion to the chrome panel, but it still wears its original tweed and grill cloth. Its still running on its Tungsol 6sc7’s, although both the chart and chassis are hand marked up for 12ax7’s i see no evidence that this actually happened. In fact the circuit looks remarkably straight with the pots dating to the 45th week of 1953 and the 12 inch Jensen speaker to 44th week of 1953. The power valves have been replaced with JJ’s and the amp has been grounded with a 3 prong cord. A hole has been drilled into the rear cover for reason unknown plus the leather handle has been replaced. With 5e3’s fast becoming unobtainium it might be an idea to grab one of these characterful 5c3’s before they surely follow suit.


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