1949 Fender 50th Anniversary Prototype Electric Spanish Guitar


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1949 Fender 50th Anniversary Prototype Electric Spanish Guitar (Telecaster/Esquire) On Hold

1996 Custom Shop Fender 50th Anniversary “Electric Spanish Guitar”  numbered 39 of 50. Built by John Page & Fred Stuart. This incredible well executed collectable was manufactured in the year of 1996 to commemorate, 50 years since the beginning of Fender Musical Instruments. This guitar is a historically accurate reproduction of Fender’s first instruments. When Leo originally attempted to make the first electric solid body guitars in the late 40’s, they were the logically next evolutionary step of his lap steel Hawaiian guitars. At that time, Leo was manufacturing amplifier cabinets from boards of pine and he laminated two together to make the body of his first instruments, that has been correctly reproduced on this guitar, the body is pine normally used for amp cabinets. The peg head of these early instruments retained some of the same attributes of his early steel guitars (3 on a side tuners). He had not yet borrowed the idea of the 6-on-a-side peghead from his good friend Paul Bigsby. These earlier instruments also did not have a truss rods and even some early examples of Broadcasters which were a production instrument did not have them as well. The evolution of the Telecaster starts with this instrument. Incredible attention to detail and accuracy of the original has been adhered to: the original style slot head screws used everywhere, hand painted position markers on the side of the fingerboard, reissue Kluson style tuners found on early Fender steels, early style white lacquer finish on body, these and many more details are apparent when one examines this historical tribute. It is easy to see how this early electric guitar eventually developed into what we believe is the finest electric guitar produced today, the Telecaster. Fender has also reissued the form fit tweed case almost never seen except on some very early Broadcasters. They have also engineered an Anvil style case for the case and the guitar, they have done so for the amp as well. The guitar retains all of its original paperwork and accessories. The set has obviously been split and the guitar now comes in a Fender tweed rectangular case without the amp.

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