Gibson Collectors Choice #12 1957 Gold Top Joe Bonamassa


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Gibson Collectors Choice #12 1957 Gold Top Joe Bonamassa ON HOLD

We are pleased to be able to offer this amazing Gibson Collectors Choice #12 and the very guitar used by Joe Bonamassa to demonstrate the range of tones a vintage spec Les Paul can deliver. I can concur that they are very close now. The guitar was owned by the then Gibson CEO and given to Joe for the demonstration. From Gibson below: But why not enjoy Joe taking you through what this very guitar can do in the video!

comes with its original Gibson case, tags etc.

Gibson Custom’s Collector’s Choice™ series recreates specific vintage Les Pauls held in notable collections to provide players around the world the opportunity to experience the precise look, feel, and tone of some of the rarest guitars in history. All Les Pauls selected for the series are extremely special, but Collector’s Choice™ #12 has a special place in our hearts because the original 1957 Goldtop is owned by none other than Henry Juszkiewicz, CEO of Gibson Brands and the man who rescued perhaps the most beloved American guitar maker from near extinction. Regardless of its owner, however, this sublime ’57 Les Paul is an outstanding example of its breed and a guitar worthy of recreation by any measure. With a sweet, thick, mellow tone–the epitome of the irresistible “gently aged Goldtop” look–and a slightly “cheeky,” rounded neck profile that nails every guitar fan’s dream of the perfect ’50s playing feel, it’s a Les Paul that will take player and collector straight to that hallowed year and most prized rendition of the Les Paul Goldtop.

The Collector’s Choice™ #12 1957 Les Paul Goldtop has been crafted based on unrestricted hands-on analysis of the original guitar, and with the full cooperation of its current owner (…well, his office is just down the hall). The guitar’s two Custom Bucker S pickups have been recreated to the exact specs and materials of the original PAFs in Mr. Juszkiewicz’s guitar, and exhibit a slightly lighter wind than average, resulting in outstanding definition and clarity, yet plenty of thickness and body. Its archetypal Goldtop finish has that characteristic slight greening caste within its bronze and subtle darkening in the lacquer checks and wear patterns, with hand aging by Gibson Custom to precisely match the look of #7-3939 as it stands today. Collector’s Choice™ #12 is offered in a run of up to 300 guitars, with the availability of qualifying materials determining the ultimate number, so reserve yours today at your authorized Gibson Custom dealer.

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