1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom


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1970 Gibson Les Paul Custom

If our 1969 Custom is a stretch too far check out this awesome custom from 1970. Essentially the same guitar but now with a volute and “Made In The USA” stamped on the back of the headstock. Other than that and steel bridge saddles as opposed to nylon, the guitar is identical. This one has no breaks or repairs and is also in exceptional condition other than a small case of buckle rash to the back. It weighs in at 10 pounds 6 oz which is rock machine weight! The gold is still bright to the hardware and the waffle back tuners work well. The strap buttons are swapped out for strap lock button…probably why its still in one piece and the originals are in the case. The guitar is still on its original frets which are in good shape. These guitars i feel are still under valued and are the force behind the music of the 1970’s Comes with its original Gibson case.

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