Alan Exley Classic FX – The Sonic Range Treble Booster


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Alan Exley Classic FX – The Sonic Range Treble Booster

Hand-built in the heart of England by Alan Exley

A germanium transistor treble boost – This is a clone of the 1960’s Rangemaster, one of the most influential pedals ever produced. This is renowned to be the sweetest treble boost ever made and was used for two reasons – one, to give extra cutting edge for rhythm playing and second, to drive the front end of tube amplifiers.

The people who used this type of booster, were Eric Clapton, Brian May, Richi Blackmore, Rory Gallagher, Dave Gilmore, and many other English guitarists to push their tube amplifiers into creamy distortion with overtones. The result of the rangemaster into a good tube amplifier is evident on the Bluesbreakers ‘beano’ recording [into a JTM45] and the first 2 Black Sabbath albums [into a Laney stack]

Its features are
•    The use of selected Germanium transistor circuitry
•    True bypass – will not affect your guitars natural voicing when off
•    Set or level control- to give the correct amount of level between bypass & boost
•    Very low battery drain
•    On the e.q. Boost selector switch one position is the classic Rangemaster sound. The other position is mid boost, this modification was done to the Rangemaster to act as a boost to overdrive tube amps. Toni Iommi in the early Black Sabbath used a modified Rangemaster.

Please note there may be some slight noise on the set or level control, when adjusting between 6 and 10, this is not a fault with the pot or circuit, this is the way the output level is controlled where DC voltage meets AC voltage, this noise is only present when the control is turned and is not present when the control is stationary.