Alan Exley Classic FX – The Mosquito Octave / Fuzz


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Alan Exley Classic FX – The Mosquito Octave / Fuzz

The Mosquito Octave Up Fuzz
A unique Octave up fuzz, on which there is a blend control, one side is pure fuzz the other side is octave up, so you can blend the two, the other knob is level control. There is also a switch which is ‘mosquito’ or ‘swarm’. This a gain setting switch, one side gives an overdrive type setting, which if you play close to the bridge, you can get pseudo sitar type sounds, the other side is a pure sustain.

Mosquito features…

True bypass.
Level control
Blend for octave fuzz
Gain setting switch for mosquito or swarm
Power input socket, 9 volt negative center [standard]

Playing tips and techniques are….If you are using neck pick up, around the 12th fret, this works well, if using bridge pick up you can play close to the bridge, try playing in different areas around each pick up. Also you are probably aware that for best octave sounds, hit the notes accurately and try not to hit adjacent strings as you are playing. Power chords usually work best between open strings and down to about the 8th fret, these tips will start you off, Just experiment.