2003 Gretsch White Penguin


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2003 Gretsch White Penguin

This is a real time capsule guitar, when it came to us it still had all its protective plastic on its plastic parts which we removed as they were beginning to peel. So there is zero wear to the guitar other some mild tarnish/oxidisation to the gold hardware. Its nice to have one of these with the Cadillac tailpiece as it would have been originally supplied with in the 1950’s, as all seem to come with a Bigsby tail piece these days. Add in the vertical Gretsch headstock logo and you have what must be one of the most iconic guitars on the planet. For me Dynasonic pickups are the goto pickup in a Gretsch and these are full of chime and will grit up nicely when needed. It comes with all its certificates and QC cards along with its original case.

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