1957 Gretsch 6120


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1957 Gretsch 6120


For me and many others 1957 is the optimum year for the Gretsch 6120 with the main focus being the unbelievably playable and comfortable neck profile which fits your hand like a glove. Its the last year for Dynasonic pickups, and the western appointments are trimmed down to the Western orange finish which is a more like a deep red for 1957, and the horseshoe headstock. We just don’t see quality Gretsch guitars like this anymore which means its all original with no breaks or repairs or binding problems and plays beautifully with no neck set issues. The guitar is one from the first 100 guitar batch for the 1957 216xx batch. The frets look to be original and while show signs of play wear still have plenty of life and the brass nut as requested by Chet himself is present. The pickups are full and punchy that drip with that wonderful open rounded 1950’s tone or can be dirty and gritty when cranked. The finish has a beautiful vintage patina that no custom shop can replicate and the Bigsby B6 has the beautiful hand shaped and finished handle that is soon to be replaced with a cheaper chrome plated flat steel arm.  The pictures tell the story and if you are in the market for one of these legendary guitars i wouldn’t miss out on this one! Comes with its original Gretsch Cowboy case.

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