1982 Fender Fullerton 57 Reissue Fiesta Red


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1982 Fender Fullerton 57 Re issue Fiesta Red / Hold

Here we have a rare mid 1982 Fullerton reissue. Fenders first attempt to get back to the pre CBS glory days and hence have quite a following. There are various websites documenting these if you look, and we have seen a few over the years but all have been sunburst. The Fiesta red model remains elusive, so this should be desirable to collectors and players alike. Although its very fresh and in A1 condition complete with its hang tag, bridge cover, tremolo arm and original strap it has had some changes from factory spec. The pickups have been changed out along with the pick guard which is a 3 WBW ply instead of the 50’s single ply. We are not sure what the pickups are in it, but they have a nice vintage looking wire wrap and sound good. You see crazy prices attached to these guitars so we have priced this to reflect the changes.

Comes complete with its original tweed case.

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