1978 Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul Blonde


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1978 Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul Blonde

Simply exquisite example of the rare and hard to find, especially in blonde or natural finish 25/50 Les Paul. Released in 1978 to commemorate 25 years of the Les Paul model guitar in its humbucker format and 50 years of Les Paul being in show business. The model was retired in 1980 with a total run of 1842 units. I’m not sure of the split between natural and sunburst but the sunburst model seems to turn up more regularly. This one weighs in at a hair over 11 lbs which is probably average (c’mon it never was going to be light!) for a Norlin era Les Paul and as you can see is in collector grade condition. There is literally hardly a mark on the guitar with only one hair line scuff to thew clear lacquer on the back which would easily buff out if it bothered and one to the plastic control cavity plate which would probably do the same. I also notice a strap burn mark around the heel strap pin where a strap has burnt the lacquer slightly from being left on. The gold hardware is pristine as is the ebony fingerboard and frets. The carved maple top has light flame which reveals itself at certain angles, and the whole tint of the clear coat has aged wonderfully to give the guitar a warm honey glow. This guitar has hardly been played over the last 46 years and is complete with all its registration documents and case candy including its polish cloth. Sadly the belt buckle was not obtained at the time but the advertising card for it is included. Such a cool find, and a trophy in any Gibson collectors inventory. It comes in its equally clean Gibson 3 latch protector case which also has its registration card included!

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