1971 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1954/58 Re-Issue One of 25!

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1971 Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958 Re-Issue

What was going on at Gibson in the late 60’s early 70’s? Advertised as a 58 reissue but clearly resembling the 1954 wrap around guitars is this awesome Les Paul standard featuring a one piece body (slightly thicker 4mm) with a maple cap and a one piece neck with a small 50’s style headstock. We are firmly in the pancake body, paddle headstock era so this must have been a score for the guitarist in 1971. The pots date the guitar to the 42nd week of 1971 but with the embossed “Gibson” pickup covers i wager it was sold in 1972 with still only 1046 sold that year. I have had a few 1968 Les Paul gold tops in the past and to be honest they have left me flat and devoid of any of the 1950’s magic thats supposed to travel with them. This however has got it, and i suspect the wraparound has a lot to do with it. It weighs in at 10 lbs (you can’t have everything) but the guitar feels extremely dynamic and resonant and definitely has a dusting of that 50’s magic. Saying that, i have had extremely heavy 1950’s les Pauls and Juniors so its not everything. As you can see from the pictures the guitar has been used and has some top bout arm wear to the gold finish plus a spot on the top probably caused by a watch or bracelet. There are no breaks or repairs and the guitar is a dream to play and sounds killer on its largely un marked original frets. The only change i can see is the switch tip and stop tail piece which does not have the intonation adjusting screws . I often get asked what guitars are “sleepers” in terms of value, well, i think we are looking at one right here

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