1975 Gibson L6S Deluxe


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1975 Gibson L6S Deluxe

Here’s a guitar that i feel was way ahead of its time and largely buried to the depths of guitar history. Going against the typical boat anchor Norlin Gibson instruments of the period this L6-S weighs in at a refreshing 7 lbs 9 oz with a solid maple contoured body measuring just an 1″ thick and 13 1/2″ at its widest. The neck is 3 piece maple with a rosewood board and a 40mm nut. The frets and theres 24 of them on 24 3/4″ scale are largely unmarked and the guitar plays really nicely with a low playing action. Finished in wine red which shows the usual normal age related bumps and scrapes for its years. The harmonica bridge somehow looks right on this guitar which doesn’t follow for Gibson’s more traditional guitars of the period and also unusual for Gibson is the staggered through body stringing. The guitar is fitted with Bill Lawerence designed “Super Humbuckers” with smooth plastic covers. The only change i can detect from factory is both the volume and tone pots have been swapped out. Notable artists associated with the model back in the day are Al Di Meola, Carlos Santana, John McLaughlin, Keith Richards,. Paul Stanley, Mike Oldfield and Dave Davies and many spotted during the punk movement. Comes in an SKB case


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