1974 Gretsch White Falcon Special Order


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1974 Gretsch White Falcon Special Order One of One

What do you do if you hanker after a Gretsch White Falcon but don’t like gold and sparkly bits? Hard to fathom i know, but thats what we have here a special ordered one of one White Falcon minus the glitz, Chrome plate replaces gold and white binding replaces the gold sparkle normally found on these top end guitars. Its a beast of a guitar and although its clearly been cherished throughout its life judging by the bespoke hand made case covering in denim with embroidered birds in flight, its seen some gigs in its life. Although we are now by 1974 way into the Baldwin years of Gretsch guitar ownership the internal label is still marked in pen “Special” just the same as  it was through the 1950’s and 60’s for prototypes and special order guitars. The control layout is quite unique to this guitar also, as it shares the familiar Gibson style volume tone control for each pickup, plus the ever useful master volume on the cutaway which is unlike Gretsch for their higher designated models as they are usually peppered with switches and knobs that would baffle the keenest of sonic scientists. The two black top filtertrons deliver the business and this is most definitely a  rock guitar in looks and delivery. The body binding is actually white black white and the ebony finger board is bordered with 5 ply WBWBW binding with pearl block markers. If you like your guitars rare, i can’t see how they can come any rarer than this

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