1957 Fender Telecaster


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1957 Fender Telecaster


Nice to have a 1950’s Fender Telecaster with us especially an affordable players guitar as prices rocket ever skyward for pre CBS Fender. This one has been refinished in sunburst, its a sympathetic old job albeit a bit too red to the kind of burst Fender rarely used on the Telecaster which has naturally aged and looks the part. The body date survives under the bridge pickup of 5/57 but sadly the neck date does not. The back of the neck was likely blown over at the same time including the fretboard but the headstock face with logo survives untouched. Again it has aged well with some of the original finish now showing as the light overspray has worn away. It has its original single line Kluson tuners with no others ever being fitted. The neck plate has the hyphen before the number which is usual for 1957. Both original pickups are there and read neck 6.1 k and bridge 7.54 k ohms. Both pots look to be from 1966 plus the switch is a later replacement as are the caps. It has a treble bleed cap fitted which can be removed if required. The control plate has the footprint of another switch fitted in the past which leaves 2 holes each end of the slider centre section. The bridge plate has threaded saddles which the bible says began to appear mid 1958, they have been there forever so i guess changed early on in its life. The guitar weighs in at 3.35 kg or 7 llbs 3 oz and the neck is that wonderful sought after fat soft V neck that fills your hand and is extremely comfortable. The guitar comes in a aftermarket hard shell ABS case

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