1971 Fender Telecaster Hipshot B Bender


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1971 Fender Telecaster Hipshot B Bender

Here we have a 1971 Fender Telecaster thats been fully countrified with a Hipshot B / G Bender with a drop D lever…all you could possibly want for your next rodeo gig. The guitar itself has long been stripped of its finish and no sports a thin oiled finish which really brings out the ash grain. Its had a rout under the bridge which extends under the guard so we must assume its had various pickup configurations over the years. I believe the neck pickup to be original but the bridge is a flat pole replacement and sounds good with a phase reverse switch for the honky tonk. The control panel has been reversed for easy volume swells. The guitar has a replacement bridge with brass saddles and is set up really nicely and everything functions just as it should. It weighs in at a hair over 8 llbs comes in a Fender shaped ABS case with 2 hip bars.

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