1971 Fender Stratocaster Partscaster Left Handed


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1971 Fender Stratocaster Partscaster Left Handed

This left handed Stratocaster started life as 4 bolt 1971 Fender which has been modified with an active Lace Sensor pickup assembly and a Warmoth replacement neck. The Fender body has had different experiments subjected to it over the years some of which have been filled with what looks to be an epoxy resin type material. The Warmoth neck does have the 70’s Fender tuners plus the neck plate survives giving away the guitars ancestry. The rest of the hardware and plastic looks to be replaced with possibly the exception of the tremolo claw.  Despite all this, its a good guitar with old wood and has its fair share of mojo. The guitar weighs 3.7 kg which is a hair over 8 lbs.  Pictures tell the story and it comes in a 1980’s Fender ABS case

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