1963 Gibson Firebird 1


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1963 Gibson Firebird 1

The ultimate single pickup “Junior” guitar in my opinion is the Firebird 1. Introduced mid 1963 with only 80 produced that year makes this one rare bird. You may feel like your playing an ironing board but from the spectators view you are an instant rock god. As with all single pickup guitars you have to work for your money but a palette of sounds are available to those who know how including the “ice pick through the forehead” This one is in great condition and largely untampered with, i notice an extra strap button in the heel of the neck that helps with the balance of the guitar once on a strap. Also there is a repaired stress crack emanating from the B string banjo tuner screw hole, the tuner has been rotated slightly and re fixed to prevent any further damage and touched with clear. The guitar weighs just 7 lbs 2oz. A good reproduction guard is on the guitar with the original in the case screwed to a board to stop further shrinking and splitting around the screw holes. The guitar is fitted with a Lightening compensated bridge with the original in the original case. The neck through body construction makes for a very lively resonant guitar. The fretwork is excellent and the guitar plays without issue.

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