1964 Gibson SG Junior


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1964 Gibson SG Junior


With the single cut and double cut Les Paul Junior grabbing all the attention these later SG Juniors historically seem to go by largely un noticed. There is a small optimum window for these, and this one falls bang on the best year. First year 1961’s and 62’s suffer from neck issues and are difficult to keep in tune due to the neck flexing. These issues are resolved by 1963 and the neck carve by 1964 is simply fantastic with a solid body joint. However its all over by 1965 as Gibson introduce their “pencil” necks. It weighs in at a hair over 6 lbs and feels like a rubber band as the sound waves whip up and down the instrument. Sound wise it can sound as clear and round as a pre CBS Strat and as raucous as a 50’s Esquire at the touch of the volume control. Dial the tone down and you have one of the creamiest rock tones known in existence. This one is a great condition suffering from a little normal guard shrinkage and maybe a slight fade to the cherry top finish, i would say its one lighter than the back. All the lines are nice and clean and with superb original frets plays like a dream.

Comes nicely protected in an ABS case

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