1963 Fender Stratocaster Olympic White


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1963 Fender Stratocaster


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Check it out, so cool to have this body only refinished in Olympic White pre CBS Stratocaster from what most believe including Leo’s, Fender’s ultimate year of manufacture for Stratocasters. Bought used from Top Gear Music in 1970 (receipt included) and resided with the same owner until presented here.  It weighs in at 7.66 lbs. The back of the neck has that fabulous worn in feel thats only achieved by 58 years of play time and the rosewood board has minimal wear and sports a recent re fret with medium wire allowing the guitar to play effortlessly. The neck has only seen its original single line Kluson tuners and the spaghetti logo is in fantastic original condition. The profile is the big full 63 C.  The truss rod is working perfectly and as you can see not over wound in either direction.  The green guard has the usual crack at the neck pickup adjusting screw but is in otherwise in very good largely undistorted condition with no extra holes.  The electronics are all original with 3 un tampered with pickups complete with their original masking tape…always a good sign. Neck reads 5.93 k Middle 6.12 K and the bridge 5.67 k ohms. It has the original 3 way switch which obligingly selects the in-between switch positions without much effort. The 3 pots are there and although difficult to read, all are matched from the 15th week of 1963. The earth wire to the tremolo claw and output socket has been changed but all else looks original. All the plastic, knobs etc are original with the exception of the tremolo tip which is a replacement. The original tremolo arm is a short version which is cool, and as you can see all the saddles and tremolo assembly is all original with the exception of the tremolo plastic back plate. This is a great sounding guitar, one of the best pre CBS strats i have heard which i think is helped by the strong middle pickup giving the in-between settings a strong clear voice…”very stratty” as they say! Come check it out!

Comes with its original (tatty but does the job) Selmer case, purchase receipt, 1960’s strap.

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