1963 Fender Stratocaster


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1963 Fender Stratocaster


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With a neck date of January 1963 and matching pot dates of 42nd week of 1962 this fine body only refinished in fiesta red Fender Stratocaster falls into what many Fender aficionados think is Fender’s golden year. Even Leo Fender is quoted as saying “we got it right about then.” It weighs in at a hair over 7 lbs and the red nitro paint is over white undercoat with what looks like a cream or Desert Sand under that. Its a nice paint job, which shows some wear through to the white mainly around the edges and in the body contour. The electronics are largely untampered with, which includes the original 3 way that gets the in-between settings easily and 3 original wind black bottom pickups with their crinkle cut masking tape intact which is always nice to see. Neck reads 5.95k middle 6.15k and the bridge pickup 5.98k ohms. All the pots match with their original tone capacitor and shield plate. 2 of the surgical rubber pickup height adjusting doughnuts have been replaced with springs. All this is mounted to a superb original mint green nitrate guard with unusually no cracks. The neck  has the fat 63 C profile that everyone loves and has had a superb fret job including nut and as a consequence plays superbly up and down the neck with no issues. All the hardware is original including the tremolo arm and it looks like the tuners have been a victim of a past over oiling which has stained the headstock between the ferrules and under the tuners. They do however work faultlessly and hold tune well. The back of the neck is worn in the time honoured way that no custom shop can force replicate and feels silky and fast in the hand.

Comes with its original brown Fender tolex case

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