1960 Gretsch 6122 ” Dial Up” Country Gentleman

1960 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman


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Every now and then a guitar pops up that appears to defy all the rules and non so other than this 1960 Gretsch 6122. 1960 you say “how can that be” The double cuts don’t appear until late 1961 early 1962. Our guitar is from the end of the 369xx batch putting it mid way 1960 with the first documented DC we can find coming from the 446xx batch late 61/early 62. What makes things even more confusing is the potentiometers within the guitar were all manufactured in the UK with suspected dates of August 1959. Now i have seen enough Gretsch wiring to know what factory looks like and this certainly looks factory, but in the interest of remaining sane we must assume these were put in early in the guitar life for some lost unknown unfathomable reason. The rest of the guitar fits early Double Cut specs such as Dial Up mutes, patent # Bigsby hinge, which incidentally is very rough cast, white outlined painted “F” holes, also found on early 62’s. It has the rivet type Bigsby handle screw which comes in late 61. So what do we have? An earlier left behind and used up serial plate attached to a later guitar or a early prototype produced mid 1960? Either way its a cool guitar and fits with the Gretsch 6122 “Dial Up” Country Gentleman as used by George Harrison during 1962-63 period. Its also the same spec guitar that was used at the 1963 Royal Variety performance before equally famously falling from the roof of the tour car on a trip north shortly after. Our guitar has a deep attractive burgundy lustre that oozes the quality the top of the line 6122 and makes the outlined F holes pop. The guitar weighs in at an incredible 8 llbs 5 oz despite its 17 inch wide thin line dimensions and has had both the dial up internal mute mechanisms removed but leaving the 2 dial up knobs, one of which has been replaced. Quite common to find the mutes removed as they are seldom used and can add unwanted mechanical vibrations and weight. There is a small amount of binding discolouration mainly to the last few frets of the fingerboard binding and the heel cap which I don’t feel is about to become an issue and is solid. The finish on back of the neck is quite play worn and the guitar has had other tuners fitted in the past leaving some filled holes behind and now has a set of chrome imperials fitted which do their job well. The guitar is still on its original frets and plays well with a low action and of course has that “Great Gretsch Sound”!  The guitar comes in its original case which is also in good shape with a replaced handle.

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