1963 Fender “Live Aid” Stratocaster

1963 Fender “Live Aid” Stratocaster  SOLD

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale the guitar used by Kevin Armstrong at the legendary Live Aid concert with David Bowie in 1985. The guitar is signed by both David Bowie & Kevin Armstrong and comes with a framed 10 x 8 photograph documenting the occasion. The guitar is a 1963 Fender Stratocaster and like most pro owned instruments has seen some changes to adapt it to the guitarists personal taste. As you can imagine, it’s a great sounding and playing guitar in its own right and comes in a brown tolex 1960’s Fender Jazzmaster case. An amazing opportunity to own a slice of musical history used at probably the most famous live concert ever with one of the most iconic artist’s this country has produced.

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