1963 Fender Jaguar


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1963 Fender Jaguar


Here is a great way to get into pre CBS Fender without breaking the bank with what would have been a custom colour Fender Jaguar judging by the original mint green nitrate guard and what looks to be Sonic Blue or one of the pale metallic custom colour paint left in the cavities. Its an old 1970’s refinish, and after considering having it restored back to its original plumage  i quite like how it looks and will let the next owner decide what to do. The good news is the guitar is original in parts and electronics with pots dating to 36th week of 1963 with a November 1963 neck date. As mentioned earlier it has the rarer mint nitrate guard and the mute mechanism thats so often removed and lost is present as is the original bridge cover and tremolo arm. The neck also got a coat of clear lacquer during the refinish process and the headstock has had its decal replaced with a 1970’s version, as i would suspect originally it would have had a painted matching headstock, someone clearly wanted a sunburst guitar! The fret board has some wear to lower positions and the original frets although quite worn again in the lower positions play satisfactory, but will benefit from a partial re fret in the not too distant future. The pickups are full sounding and both circuits are working as they should. All in all a great pre CBS Fender Jaguar at a price considerably less than the Fender master build team could make for you today and it won’t sound like the real deal!

Comes in a Hiscox case

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