1961 Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White


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1961 Fender Jazz Bass Olympic White


Very cool slab board jazz bass sporting an older body refinish in Olympic White which now looks authentic with a dusting of clear coat to the back of the neck which now feels right. These 3 knob slab board Jazz Bass’s don’t turn up very often and represent the height of the Jazz Bass design format which moves to a veneer board by mid 1962. This one weighs in at a hair over 9 lbs or 4.2kg with the bridge pickup reading 7.4 k and the neck 7.65 k ohms. The electronics have not been messed with and the pots date to 23rd week of 1961. The bass is set up beautifully with an easy action and straight neck with just a tiny bit of relief. The original frets are low but the instrument plays correctly with no issues. With that in mind, the truss rod nut is not over wound in either direction which is a crucial detail when looking at these old thin necked Jazz bass’s. Both bridge and pickup covers are not with the guitar. The pictures tell the story and i don’t think i have seen a nicer looking pre CBS Fender Jazz bass under £20k

Comes in 1970’s Fender Tolex case,

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