1960 Gibson ES 175D


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1960 Gibson ES 175D

By its asking price we all know whats happened here, yes the original PAFs and loom are long gone along with the bonnet knobs and switch tip. However you are left with a superb golden era Gibson ES 175 that benefits from a recent pro re fret and is fitted with the best quality aged replacement parts giving you a players guitar at under half the price. The pickups are reproduction PAF’s by Shed pickups and the guitar sports a lightweight repro ABR1 bridge atop the original rosewood base. The original guard has the Wes finger rest mark and overall the guitar is in superb condition for its years with no cracks or repairs. The replacement Kluson tuners probably work better than the originals and it plays faultlessly. Also its probably the only one of these we have had where the neck tongue does not go south giving a perfect action to the end of the fret board allowing all the notes to ring out, rare for a vintage arch top. The pickups sound, well like PAFs and look correct with there aged covers. All in all a really nice guitar thats lightly constructed and a mile ahead of anything you can buy new today, Comes in what must be its original brown green lined Gibson  case.

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